Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fashion Isnt Fur

Fur is not a Fashion Statement. Every year 50 million animals are violently killed for our own selfish needs to look high status in the fashion industry. Most of these helpless animals with Just as much right as us are raised on fur farms in brutal conditions. Death is really their only escape from these dreadful prisons, which is mostly caused by stress, illness and pain. Sometimes animals are caught using a trap mechanisms and can be left there to die for up to 7 days.Animals often tend to chew their own paw of Just to free themselves from death but to only die only a few days later from excessive injury. Just like we do, animals have rights and needs. Who decided that our comfort automatically comes before theirs? There are groups of people who live in the frozen steeps of Siberia or in upper Mongolia who kills eat and wear the coats of animals. These people do it for survival and it is an absolute necessary which has nothing to o with vanity.However, we are lucky enough to live i n a devolved country that has no need to hunt and kill innocent lives. We even have the choice of buying fake fur which has the exact same look and feel to it. Anytime you wear fur you should always think of the extent of pain and torture this harmless creature went through for that fur to be wrongfully wrapped around your skin. In the end it all comes down to you.

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