Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What makes Shenzhen China a unique and interesting illustration of Assignment

What makes Shenzhen China a unique and interesting illustration of geographic processes - Assignment Example (Cartier, 2001) This city is one of the most unique and a great option for those who wish to migrate to a place which is an amalgamation of natural and artificial beauty. This city was initially considered as a fishing village but with the passage of time things have evolved and it is considered as a modern city with great tourist attractions and facilities. The currency of Shenzhen is Renminbi which is known as People’s currency and has a short form of RNB. Basically Shenzhen is considered to be coastal area which is situated Guangdong district which is in south east China, just near to the boundary (border) between Hong Kong and China. (Zeng, 2010) Guangzhou is considered as the capital city of the Guangdong district which was commonly referred to as Canton for relatively long period of time. This region has rough forested mountainous region which acts like a background for a fairly large coastal region. Shenzhen is apparently demarcated into six individual districts namely Nanshan, Yantian, Longgang, Luoho, Futian, and Bao’an. It is approximated that three districts that sum up for most of the major Shenzhen area are Futian, Nanshan and Luoho. These districts directly join with Hong Kong. The most important city of Shenzhen is Futian which is thought to be the city centre. Shenzhen is considered to be a subtropical region which has long summers that are very hot and humid. This climate approximately lasts from April to September. The temperature ranges from 30-35 degree Celsius in the months of June and July. This range is given for extreme summers when temperature tends to be very high for this period. This temperature is not fixed and it sometimes even goes higher than the range mentioned earlier. The temperature gets lower at nights but still it is fairly hot with temperature ranging from 25-30 degree Celsius. The summers are quite unpredictable during the monsoon when rains usually happen. Furthermore there is

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