Friday, August 23, 2019

Audio and Visual Advertising Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Audio and Visual Advertising - Assignment Example 3. The two ways in which there an order of content according to fowler include an appeal to deep that involves running drivers into the minds of consumers(Altstiel, Grow and Altstiel). Further, the information regarding the good or service being sold; its name, manufacturer, picture, packaging, objective attributes, and functions,e.g the reader of a brassier advertisement sees a partially undraped but blandly unperturbed woman standing in an otherwise common place public settling and may experience certain sensation. 4. Henry Murray motivation factors are the ones that enabled Fowles to develop factors that led to many advertisement projects; Murray pinpointed out the susceptible and least quiescent factors that enable advertising. 5. The need for sex in advertising has the effect of reducing brand recall coz it’s too blurring and it tends to obliterate the product information also the need for aggress the reality of life pressure creates strong retaliatory feelings in every functioning human being and the feeling of anger and violence can be exercised in reality propagated by the advert. 6. Humour and celebrity fit into fowlers’ scheme when it comes to appealing to human minds and information packaging. Copy Writers and Copy Writing According to (Fowles) 1. Challenges of copywriting i. It highly deals with planning and coordinating with clients, legal staffers, accounting executives, researchers and art directors. ii. It involves accuracy and dealing with deadlines and tight schedule iii. It involves meeting advertising objectives.

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