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Hinduism Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hinduism Paper - Assignment Example Hinduism has its roots in India and dharma, which is their way of life, has similar beliefs that every follower should follow. The religion absorbs beliefs and practices from a variety in the world and incorporates them into their practices to make the unique religion. This absorption of ideas from various sources extends to a wide range of life issues, which guide the followers’ way of life. They share the same themes of ethics and duties, rebirth, right action, liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Hinduism shares common ethical standards and they believe in telling the truth and karma. Karma is the belief that people should act knowing that the same actions they do to others could happen to them later. Hinduism is deeply rooted on the cultural practices of the ancient days, and they believe that followers should ensure that they stick to the Hindu Dharma (Rood, 2008). This is because it lays down the actions to take for different life issues using the traditional beliefs th at their ancestors were practicing. Dharma is the pivotal law, which governs actions of every Hindu follower with their basic scriptures being the Shastras. 2 Hinduism is an ancient way of life and dates back to millions of years ago and its unique due to the fact that it has no founder. It also does not have a specific doctrine that governs how the followers should live, but its doctrines are associated with the place it originated, India. It has picked religious beliefs of people from different religions to come up with the Hindu umbrella. It originated from India and the cultural and society practices of people of ancient India are the core values that people from this religion practice. In 1500 BC, India was invaded by the indo-Aryan tribe, which took over the territories of the Mohenjo-Daro who were the main tribe in the area. These two tribes interconnected and they started sharing commo0n beliefs and practices with the first one being worship of goddesses and performing simil ar practices such as bathing in temples and performing yoga. As time progressed, they started forming idols of god’s of war which they could worship. The invasion of Sakas further transformed Hinduism and they started building temples, and came up with their sacred laws, which could govern their way of living. As time passed, the Hindus incorporated the practices of the time into their way of living, and they continued to gather a following over the years. They continuously took up the traditional practices they came across over time and altering them to fit into their religion, and this has continued to the present times. Today, their beliefs still have the ancient beliefs in their practices, and they believe that people are free to believe as they desire provided the actions are good. The cultural and societal practices such as worship of idols and reincarnation have survived over the years, and they are still under practice today. 3 People from all religions seek from eart hly liberation so that they can escape from earthly suffering, to continue into the after life, and for the purpose of spiritual blessings. However, Hindus do not believe that when people die they either go to heaven or hell. They believe in reincarnation and the way people live their lives determines what they will come back on earth as. They believe that when good people die, they will come back as good creatures, and when the bad people die, they come back as bad or

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