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Essay on Models of Criminal Justice Exploring the...

Introduction There are three theories or models of criminal justice. The first one is the retributive theory while the second is the rehabilitative theory and the last is the restorative theory. The first basically concerns itself with the punishment of people by putting them in boot camps , in order to deter their ways. Such instills discipline and fear , which in turn reduces crime. The second one believes that working with these people change their ways reduce crime (The U .S . Penal System :Restorative and /or Retributive Justice . The third one aims to reintroduce and re-incorporate the persons back into the community after retribution or rehabilitation . The first one is optimistic and believes that people are innately good†¦show more content†¦Background Parole in Americas criminal system is one of todays most hotly debated topics in the criminal justice field is whether or not individual states should abandon the parole system. Basically parole is a release from con finement after serving part of the sentence: conditional release from prison under supervision of a parole officer who has the authority to recommend a return to prison if the conditions of parole are violated. It is only in the last 30 years that community corrections have become a substantial part of the correctional system. (The procedure known as â€Å"parole† in the criminal justice system has been in practice in the United States since the late 1800’s when it was begun in a reformatory in Elmira, New York. The ground work for probation was laid in 1830 with the use of release on recognizance . Probation began to emerge in 1841 with the volunteer efforts of John Augustus . He recommended to judges that certain offenders be released under his supervision. ) In recent years, the push for alternatives to incarceration has, in large part, been in response to rapidly increasing prison populations in Canada and the United States. Legislators in Canada and the United States have passedShow MoreRelatedChoosing A Juvenile Probation Officer2033 Words   |  9 PagesJuvenile probation officer. Juvenile probation officers work with youths that have been placed on probation and or have been court order to attend an alternative consequence school to continue their education. Most juvenile probation officers work with youths at a particular stage of their probation process, for an example supervision or investigation. This paper will cover information on the juvenile justice system and my career choice by touching bases with my interviewee a Juvenile Probation OfficerRead MoreEssay about Restorative Justice and the Criminal Justice System1854 Words   |  8 PagesRestorative Justice 1 Running Head: RESTORATIVE JUSTICE Restorative Justice and the Criminal Justice System Jeffrey A. McGhee PSF5002 Survey of Public Safety Issues, Theory and Concepts 501 West Northern Parkway Baltimore, Maryland 21210 Telephone: 410-323-7452 Email: Instructor: Kenneth Szymkowiak Restorative Justice 2 The modern field of restorative justice developed in the 1970’s from case experiments in several communities with a proportionatelyRead MoreHow Probation Officers Are Within Society And The Challenges Faced By People With The Criminal Justice System2297 Words   |  10 Pagesmy dissertation. Both of these theorists are considered members of the sociological cannon and influenced the work of later theorists. My dissertation will focus on how probation officers are situated in society and the challenges faced by people suffering from mental illness coming into contact with the criminal justice system. It will explore the welfare of officers, treatment of offenders, and the overall role of community supervision in the community. I will introduce my work and explain howRead MoreThe Extreme Justice League By Michael Barnett1244 Words   |  5 Pagesextreme justice league. The extreme justice league consists of middle ages men and women who are real life superheroes. Each of t heses superheroes has various backgrounds of being victims or affected by violence or assault or have had a troublesome upbringing. For example, as a child, Master Legend was forced by his father to fight in a ring against his friends and other children. If he lost the fight he would not be allowed to eat dinner and he would get locked in a closet. The extreme justice leagueRead MoreEthics in Criminal Justice Administration1433 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration CJA 484 Lori Madison Nowhere is ethical behavior more important than the administration of criminal justice. Lack of ethical behavior undermines the purpose of the criminal justice system. The cost of unethical behavior will be the downfall of the criminal justice system and only by gaining a true understanding of what ethical behavior is and how to maintain it will the system continue to flourish. While the ethical standard individualsRead MoreSociety s Preoccupation With Risk2196 Words   |  9 Pagesa ‘risk awareness’ in the Criminal Justice System. Professionals have become anxious of the hazards presented by ‘modernisation’, new innovative strategies to deal with the risks, and technological advances. These developments have caused uncertainty, creating further risks and a collective vulnerability to ‘risk awareness’ (Giddens, 1991). This assignment will critically analyse the way in which society’s preoccupation with risk, influences the way in which t he probation service and police work.Read MoreCrime Prevention Programs And Juvenile Delinquency1378 Words   |  6 Pagesalways be around. For decades we have enhanced our technology, changed our laws, put away criminals, but crime still, and will always exist. Crime prevention programs are put into place to help prevent juveniles and adults from continuing to go down a road of destruction and crime and hopefully lower the number of crimes committed each day. These programs have been put in place not only to help the criminal, but to help society. â€Å"Crime Prevention is the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal ofRead MoreJuvenile Criminal Justice Is Much Like The Art Of Parenting2284 Words   |  10 PagesRetribution and Rehabilitation in Hopes for Reintegration The topic of juvenile criminal justice is much like the art of parenting. The main concern is figuring out how to deter the child from the same action without letting them get away with too much and not crushing their spirits. SUCH AS when a child goes beyond the set boundaries for him while playing outside which leads to hurting another child, the child should be disciplined to be deterred from crossing those boundaries again, but that disciplineRead MoreThe Decision Making Of The Ethical Behavior Model Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagescreate a position paper exploring and creating an ethical dilemma and similarly, to explore and present a decision making model used to work through the dilemma. The study found ways that can assist forensic counselors with this common issue that has prompted numerous legalities filed against them by their evaluees such as, identifying stakeholders and interpreting the situation through awareness and fact finding. Tarvydas’s integrative decisio n-making of the ethical behavior model can also be essentialRead MoreCriminal Justice Final Exam2621 Words   |  11 PagesQuestion two: To begin with, criminal justice is a system that is designed to maintain social control, which means it is a necessary aspect of every society since â€Å"Laws are the conditions under which independent and isolated men united to form a society† (Beccaria, 1764: 16). In order words, crime control deals with the methods that are taken by a society to reduce its crime. As a matter of fact, there are various crime control strategies from community policing to risk assessments. In addition

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