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Most Intriguing Person I Have Met Essay

IntroductionGod is omnipresent and omnipotent. His representatives atomic number 18 Angels whose food is only fasting. They fly in the air as they take themselves very light. God and His angels could send only leaders, messengers, prophets to earth to proclaim about the costlyness of God and to enable humanity to experience a fruitful livelihood by following virtues and distinctives of God. He was disappointed, when it did not return expected results.God was on the look out for permanent mortal who is faithful, honest and trus devilrthy and who represent His kind-of on earth. God fin bothy found experiences as his carnation, who would be kind, forbearing and pass on enough fortitude to transform hearts, minds and to turn out the gospel of gods goodness on earth. My mother was the most influential and inspirational person in my vitality until she passed away on February 28, 2004. Her heart was extraordinarily courageous, laborious working and self-reliant who lived a life in extreme hardships and confronted lachrymose situations.Read more Essay the person I value is my motherMothersBut deliveryman turning to them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, stop weeping for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. Jesus at the time of carrying cross was experiencing great pain and agony. sluice so, his heart moved when he saw women weeping for him. He felt that children should be the greatest priority in a womans life. Women who are the pillars of family, have the ability to transform lives through prayers. Prayer without penitence is a mere waste. Penitence brings tears and tears bring blessings from Heaven to families. This is exactly what Jesus meant by saying the above.Hard workHard work pays is what she believed all through. Her single income, was insufficient to make both ends meet. Her financial planning, domestic chores, and struggle is short inspiring, who had to question herself for every challenge she encountered and find answer all by hers elf alone. A unique life, while giving smiles outside, inside of her heart, there were volcanic pressures of all kinds and sizzles in life. My mother as a single parent, single income, executed hard work in rearing her children by providing good education, teaching life skills, settling the lives with good spouse and cherished the happiness with two daughters, two son-in-laws and four grand children. Spoke like a lioness with strangers and guarded her children like a hen that covered and protected her chickens under storms and strong winds.As a child I admired her initiativeness, courage and indispensable attitude. Amidst of huge loss in life, she sought happiness in devotion, gardening, social work and her grand children. Nobody could seize away her smiles and happiness even in the midst of lifes biggest storms.She prepared herself for every day. Her accostic approach to life was to see the positive side of life and never to look back. Her famous quote to me was see the scallywag, turn the page and do the work. Long time before, she predicted that I would become a writer one day, which absolutely became true. Her absence now, declares mothers are always right and it is good for sons and daughters to carry the legacy of goodness of mothers to further generations, to spread a network of humility. After all, children should reflect with the moralistic features of parents.CourageIn my childhood, her wake-me up rhyme was cocks bragging in the morning, to tell us to rise, for he who lies late, leave never be wise. For early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise. She taught good things to her children and worked as a dedicated, determined and devoted mother.Bold and courageous even in trial period and solved the problems all by herself. She was deprived of all the happiness as a wife, she was entitled to, as any other woman. A Son who was expected to shoulder and strengthen his mother, in the absence of husband, suffered from a chronic sickness for two decades, and at last passed away leaving her in great agony and depressment. Her energies, finances, effort to make her son survive, in order to just keep back his presence on lifes long stage, were simply washed away with the passage of time. She survived this loss and tried to rebuild her life again, through her two daughters.Self-reliance & Self-less sharingHer another famous quote was the works performed early in the morning in due diligence and early born children will take you to a land of success. Situations make people strong, confident and courageous. She administered great respect for her sisters, brothers, friends and relatives and earned good name as courageous and hard working person. She respected, cared and helped all those she can in her employment. Cut the coat according to the cloth is what she believed in. Absolute and careful money management in providing needs for her children and without subject any debts, all the hard-earned money, she save d for her children.After her retirement from government service, I expected a little rest and happiness to come her way as old age demands. She was attacked from a stroke and suffered for three years on bed in her final stage of battle in life. This made me to let loose within, as to why good people are often chosen as silent sufferers and how things slip out of hand. A person who has passed through in like manner many extreme situations in life, underwent much more struggle even in the last days of her life. Truly her passing way made me a whole new person to realize, that often good things are to be preserved and the teachings of mother can never be ignored.ConclusionWhen Jesus consequently saw his mother, and the adherent standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman behold thy son Then he saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother And from that hour that disciple in additionk her unto his own homeMother Mary, loved Jesus as her dear son. On crucifixion of Jesu s, she was standing near the cross, in great tears. Jesus too was worried about his mother. He chose his dear disciple, to take care of Mother Mary. Jesus, discharged the duty as a dear son, which is a promising characteristic feature of Jesus, amidst of great suffering.Good mothers are very few, who sacrifice their lives and take pain to walk an extra mile each time, for others sake. Hard working, courageous, self-less and sacrificial mother is an extraordinary mother whose character is entirely divine and philosophical. Such lives are blessed and those generations of children often build an ethical and moralistic society. My mothers life was lead by Gods presence at every phase of her life and she did the best than any other ordinary mother could have done as better than what is received by her children, through her sincere and honest efforts. On her memorial service, the following lines were written by meYou have crosshatched our livesLeveled our wings.Just as birds fly with conf idenceWe lead our lives to this day.Your unproclaimed good deeds speaks to usAlthough, you are away from us.Help us to day and tomorrow.May the ecclesiastic bestow His presenceTo your near and dear offeringComfort and peace forever.Bid adieu Mother,***

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