Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Communication journal Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Communication journal - Article ExampleAfter understanding the values and expectation of the interview, it is a little bit easier to settle on a topic to address. Despite of these tips, I was still confused and nervous since the reception of the audients was still unpredictable. This situation dissolve only be salvaged by visionary leadership skills that turn the weakness or challenges them into strength. Moreover, I was visualizing how I could contain them and what if they make feel and look deceitful before them. These are some of the conflicts that might emerge during the display. The sure way to resolve this situation is to sway the audience to coincide with my points of view particularly finished reverse psychology technique. Working in a group often needs a overtakeline otherwise, a group forget do a lot of nothing. The first thing a group of new members should do is to know each other. This provides an avenue for effective and free communication among members. Secondly, the group should prefer their leader who will help them manage the group. The groups leader will run or direct the fairs of the group. He or she will guide the members through formulation of groups goals and objectives. Through this process, members will be encouraged to express their opinions and ask the question. After the formulation of these rules, all the group members shall be advised to adhere to the set rules. The Effective Area Social presentations are not quite stressful, unlike business and other official presentations. The social presentation often aims addressing or making a presentation to ones close acquaintances and friends. Therefore, for my last social presentation I was more relaxed and comfortable with the audience and the topic of discuss. Notably, at some points in the presentation, I freely interacted with the audient has I developed my speech. However, prior to the presentation I was quite uneasy and tensed. Notably, I was terror-stricken of the audience no netheless, along the way everything when imposing and I build confidence and even enjoyed the presentation. The audience expectation seemed high on my presentation, and I was afraid that the endorse was too high to achieve. However, their response to the some funny comments and questions built my confidence and I was convinced me that I achieved or met the expectation of my audienceand they enjoyed my presentation. From the video mag tape review, it is certain that the beginning of the presentation seemed difficult despite that fact that I was addressing my social friends. In fact, from the video it is apparent that I was unable to look dandy into my audience and my eyes were only glued onto my prepared speech. Additionally, there were no body movement and the environment looked tensed. However, middle way everything changed and I got used to the creation center stage of my audience the environment became friendly, and I could use gesture and body language to stress some of my p oints. The videotape presentation review changed my scholarship about presentation completely. From the replays, I learnt that presentations might just be treated as talking to individuals but on geared tunes. Presentation is just another(prenominal) way of sharing once fears and concerns about issues that affect people in the presenter knows them best. Furthermore, the video presentation has only left me practicing on how I will make my other presentations better and as interactive as I

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