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Tecumsehs confederation Essays -- essays research papers

Tecumseh was a very significant Native American who gave his life for what he believed. He knew that the Americans were a tremendous threat to all Indian tribes, and realized that the Indians would be destroyed one by one if not united. Tecumseh created a confederation of xxxii tribes in hopes that the Americans would recognize their borders and thus put a halt to westward expansion. His confederation may have succeeded if it were not for the mistakes made by his brother, Laulewasika, the Americans violent actions towards the Indian tribes, and the unwillingness of the different tribes to cooperate. Tecumseh was born in March of 1768. His real name was Tecumtha, which meant "panther lying in wait," but to the white men he was called Tecumseh which stood for " guesswork star." His father was a Shawnee war chief named Puckeshinwa who was an intelligent man that saw the advantage of keeping friendly relations with the Americans (Patriot 137). When Tecumseh was a young b oy, his father was gingersnap by a group of settlers that were in the Shawnees land. When his father did not come home, Tecumseh went out in search of him. When he found his father dying from the appall and learned what had happened he was filled with rage and animosity towards the white people (Patriot 140).Tecumseh was very young at the time of his fathers death, so he was raised by his Mother and his brothers and sisters. His mother taught him to hate the Americans and never let him for scram that they had killed his father. His oldest brother Chiksika taught him to be a warrior, and his sister told him to have respect for his elders and to respect all people. A Shawnee chief by the name of Blackfish also adopted Tecumseh into his family, and acted as a father figure. Blackfish saw the Americans as a threat and urged that they had to be stopped. Each of these peoples instilled in him different characteristics which played a large role in the rest of his life (Blodgett). When he was still young he wanted to stop the settlers from further moving into the Indians land, so himself and a group of Shawnees made the Ohio River so hazardous that the traffic on the river almost completely stopped (Patriot 142). When he was visiting his sister in Ohio he met a young American girl named Rebecca Galloway. She taught Tecumseh to speak some English and helped him to learn to r... ...t tribes what had happened, blaming the Winnebagos for the loss. Groups of Indians attacked settlers in Indiana and Illinois to get back at the Americans. These attacks scared the Americans and soon they raised an army and attacked the individual tribes, and almost starting a war (Blodgett).      Finally when the war of 1812 started between the Americans and the British assisted by the Indians, the hopes of a confederation were almost completely lost. Tecumseh, along with a couple of Indians joined the British army where he was placed at the rank of brigadier-general. But at the Battle of Themes on October 6, 1813 he was killed, forever destroying all hope of there being a Confederation of all the Indian tribes (Dictionary 1127).      Tecumseh was a very courageous and honorable warrior who fought and died for his people. Tecumseh saw himself not as a Shawnee, but as an Indian, and knew that his people had no chance to survive if they were not united. His plan to combine all the different tribes under one confederation could have worked if there had not been so much opposition from the Americans.     

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