Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Internationalisation of Google Research Paper

The Internationalisation of Google - Research Paper ExampleFirst, the Uppsala model highlights the presence of a stray export program, which is not controlled by companies but the forces of demand and supply. The export process is also achieved through the help of independent representatives who operate a immaterial gross revenue subsidiary within the country of interest (Johansson & Vahlne 2009, p.1411). Finally, the Uppsala model is based on the adoption of a foreign manufacturing and production of units, which will be used to wreak the demands of the market by the multinational. To achieve this expansion program, companies such as Google must start their internationalization program in a physics approach, focusing more than on nearby markets. This is important in getting enhanced knowledge on the operations of the market and to pool together the necessary resources needed to puff to more distant markets. Google first increased its operations to various markets in the United States at the beginning of the millennium as a way of acquiring critical market information and the resources needed to operate in such markets. Beyond the domestic market in the united states, Google entered Canada and Mexico to enhance its understanding of multicultural environments and prepare for major expansion in different parts of the world especially Europe. The second step of the Uppsala internationalization model includes the establishment of various foreign and domestic subsidiaries to augment the functions and operations of the business beyond the local market.

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