Thursday, September 12, 2019

Principles On Drug Abuse Treatment Research Paper

Principles On Drug Abuse Treatment - Research Paper Example According to Belenk, offenders need to provide urine tests on a regular basis. The court further assists offenders to secure entitlements such as medical, housing, or welfare allowance. Offenders need to visit probation officers on a frequent basis well as visit counseling sessions. However, drug courts are not effective in the treatment of drug-related cases. This is because such courts use coercive means, which offenders conform to for just some time. Drug offenders like programs that give them the chance to volunteer. Courts, however, have strict regulations and procedures, which is not effective. Rehabilitation centers that offer such services voluntarily serve better to offenders. Drug treatment as a routine is effective in reducing recidivism among offenders. These programs, however, take various forms. These treatments include the use of voluntary service centers such as rehabilitation stations. It may also take the form of mandatory treatment programs that include the use of the drug courts and law enforcement. Drug abuse leads to the loss in the national governments' funds. Funding such program costs lots of dollars. On the health of offenders, drug treatment saves offenders from mental health complications. Despite the success of drug success of drug treatment program, it faces several challenges. Such challenges include the unavailability of high-quality programs, the difference in priorities and the inability of such programs to benefit offenders after prison time.

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