Monday, September 23, 2019

Should students use citation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Should students use citation - Research Paper Example In learning institutions, students should be encouraged to come up with their pieces of work. For the world to progress there is a need for more innovations and creative ideas. Through plagiarism, students will not realize their potential. From my own understanding of plagiarism, I consider it as an offense since a student who is involved in plagiarism does not understand the dangers. Further still, I believe that a student with the act of copying other people’s ideas does not allow the learning process to take place. As such, the transfer of knowledge is limited since whatever they present for assessment is not their work. It thus becomes hard for the examiner to gauge the student’s capability. In view of this, the essay critically discusses the statement â€Å"should students be punished when they plagiarize† through analyzing the opposing and supporting side. With the development of technology, copy and pasting an author’s work has been made easy for students. Some of the students end up copy pasting even an entire work of authorship even without giving credit to the authors. To curb plagiarism, students should be made to understand that, they attend colleges and universities so that they make the world a better place. Coming up with your work as a student, encourages creativity and innovation. Students must identify the gaps that exist in the academic field and come up with ways of filling them. Through plagiarism, a student concludes that they cannot come up with their ideas to increase knowledge in the academic field. In learning institutions, students are expected to give original work to their teachers or lecturers. There is a need for integrity, and most of the learning institutions promote academic honesty (Roig, 2010). Apart from Copy and pasting, there are other forms of plagiarism. There are other forms of plagiarism which most of the times they are overlooked. Submitting an assignment that one has not done is a form of plagiarism. The

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