Sunday, September 8, 2019

Starbucks Analyse Marketing Activities and Performance Essay

Starbucks Analyse Marketing Activities and Performance - Essay Example It opened its very first outlet in Market Place, Seattle’s Pike. In 1986 it was acquired by Schultz, who envisioned it as a home coffee shop where people can get the best coffee with other complementary services. The company was expanded with proper positioning and marketing strategies soon after it was acquired by Schultz. Starbucks then reanalyzed its marketing activities which were solely based upon maintaining a personal and cherished relationship between customers and the company. This was done initially by reviving the experience of Italian Espresso Bars. The company’s primary focus was over the quality services extended to its customers and the overall in-store experience. Therefore they bought the best quality coffee and maintain a consummate brand image. The company had a mission statement stating the real purpose of existence i.e. to serve American population. In exact words: â€Å"To instigate and nurture the human strength through serving them one cup per p erson at a specific area† (Charles W. Lamb 22). After having successful business for twenty five years Starbucks expanded its business into the foreign lands. This was initiated through the opening of their first international outlet in Tokyo, Japan. Currently the company has more than 17,000 stores in 49 countries which has enabled the company to become the most recognizable and reputable brand of the world. From the time when it was established in 1971, the company has shown a significantly increasing growth trend which indicates its outstanding performance and enhanced satisfaction level of Starbucks’ customers (Charles W. Lamb 22). Organizational Chart (Starbucks) Product Portfolio Starbucks has a distinctive product portfolio which encompasses a wide range of coffee flavors. It is divided into five categories, namely: Starbucks, Creamice, Fontana, Tazo Tea and Supplies (Products: Our Complete Product Portfolio). Starbucks: It is further classified into ingredients of beverages which are mostly used in production of different drinks and coffees. They also have branded cups with the name of ‘Starbucks’. Additionally they have hot cocoa which is a very unique, high quality chocolate drink and resale merchandize which includes: ceramic cups, roasted dry fruits, biscuits, etc. Creamice: It includes all the beverages which fall into the category of frozen blend. These are served with flavor treats and customized syrups. It has been divided into further categories: Latte, Mango, Mocha and Raspberry. Fontana: It contains a wide variety of syrups and sauces which turns beverages into specialty offering i.e. unique to Starbucks only. The major categories includes: chocolate syrups, fruit syrups and sauces, nuts and essences. Tazo Tea: Coffee and tea are ever best companions and Starbucks has further intensified their relationship. There is a huge variety of tea which is sold in branded packaging. It is artfully blended to give a superior t aste to the customers. The extended versions include: Gallon Bulk Iced tea I, Gallon Bulk Iced Tea II, Filter bag and Tea Latte Concentrate. Supplies: They supply a wide range of products concerning coffee and tea. For instance, they have filters of different sizes, cleaning powders, brushes, pitchers, cream dispensers amongst other things. Broadly the supplies are categorized in to airpots and carefes, small wares, cups and cleaning stuff. SWOT Strengths (Starbucks SWOT Analysis): They have a wide range of p

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