Thursday, October 17, 2019

A comparison of Boeing & Airbus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

A comparison of Boeing & Airbus - Essay Example Here the researcher has discussed the operational management and strategies of two leading aircraft manufacturing companies. Therefore, researcher mainly stressed on five key aspects of operational performance objectives which are quality, speed, dependability, cost and flexibility. The various components of the operational management techniques have been discussed in details with emphasis on indispensable ingredients which can help the buyers. The quality assurance techniques need to be supervised and monitored in such a way so that the end results can be delivered in accordance with the proposed or assured quality. The speed is an important in the airlines industry. So, the researcher draws a comparison between the speeds of two companies. Finally, the flexibility, cost and dependability will discuss to highlight the operational efficiencies. Introduction In present corporate scenario, the international business management plays a crucial role to manage the business network (operat ion management) across the globe. So, most of the companies introduce innovative strategies to enhance the business network and reduce the competition. In this sense, strategic management is an integral part of international business management. ... Strategic management provides sustainability to a business entity in the competitive market. It gives a clear picture to the employees about their job culture and co-relates it with the organizational goals. Operational strategy helps in increasing the productivity of the firm and maximizes the skills of the employees by introducing new work cultures and providing new area of work. Thus, strategic management is beneficial to a firm in various important aspects. This study will throw light on the contribution of strategic operations management as well as the operational performance of two leading airlines company Boeing and Airbus (Owen and Maidment, 2009 p.142). Company overview Boeing Boeing is one of the largest aerospace companies in the World. The corporate office of the Boeing is established in Chicago. The company is specialised for manufacturing commercial jetliners and defence, space and security systems. This is the top exporter which attaches with the 150 countries’ allied governments and airlines companies. The product and service range of the company includes military and commercial aircraft, weapons, satellites, lunch system, defence and electronics system, communication and advanced information systems and performance based training and logistics. The aerospace company is traditionally specialised in innovation and leadership. The primary objective of the company is to meet the emerging customer needs through its continuous expansion of the product line. There are 170000 employees are connected with the business network throughout the world. The operational efficiency of Boeing shows the quality of the employee force. There are two customized business unit i.e. Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defence, Space & Security. The company also has

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