Monday, October 21, 2019

The Last Lecture- Reflection Essays - Educational Psychology

The Last Lecture- Reflection Essays - Educational Psychology The Last Lecture- Reflection Jose Martinez The preparation and work I did for the "teaching" The Last Lecture and the preparation I did for the creation of the web site are similar in many ways. I put a lot of effort and work into the creation of the presentation however I also put as much effort and work into the presentation or "teaching" part. Both jobs took time and effort however the presentation was a lot harder since I am not a good presenter to an audience. The experience of the personal web site produced a more learning for me personally because the creating of the personal website required me to go back into the book and do research on the topics I was suppose to present. It helped because it allowed me to absorb the information and not have it manipulated during the presentation as a different point of view. The following list describes all of the different reading, writing, speaking, and producing activities that helped me reached the final product. Re-reading the chapters Writing down key notes Discussing it with my group Arguing to see which form of presentation we should use The best form of becoming an expert of my section of the book was by rereading the section and becoming familiar with the information provided. Some information I learned from the book was the through perseverance and dedication anything is possible. No matter how much time it takes to leave a legacy it is worth leaving the right one that truly defines you as who you were. No matter how big the obstacle is it can always be overcome if you have the passion and dedication to overcome it. What I've learned from having to prepare a presentation that was responsible for the learning of my peers that no matter what you do you have to present the information in a way that they would understand. Although you might feel nervous about presenting to your peers its important to present the information in way that makes sense but also that the viewers are actually absorbing the material that you are presenting. I think that I learned more from this type of assessment than I would have if it were given to me in a more traditional "test" because my fellow classmates were the ones who presented the material in a way that I full understood the first time they said it. This made it easier to comprehend the full story while still being able to understand the moral of the story. The knowledge and the experience from this assignment will help me improve on better speech and better ways of research and presenting material to an audience.

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