Friday, October 18, 2019

Marketing Study of Pirilla PLC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Marketing Study of Pirilla PLC - Essay Example Typically those engage with international marketing devotes their time on making strategies on how will they penetrate markets or countries provided that they must understand the environment, culture, society, politics, and economics of the country they wish to penetrate. This is important for every aspect of the country they wish to penetrate because somewhat or somehow people are influenced by these factors. These factors may have little, great, or no effect when it comes to purchasing behavior of the people, theory participation when it comes to new products, the society's economy and also consumers in a certain country is greatly influenced by its religion. For example, in India, cow is a sacred animal, if you plan to penetrate the market of India and tried to sell hamburgers in it, people might get mad or somehow your business will soon collapse because no one will buy your hamburgers. In the case of Pirilla PLC, we are pertaining on how we can penetrate other markets if we are to sell snow scooters. In understanding the environment, you cannot sell snow scooters in tropical or warm countries, of course it is useless. Snow scooters are made for countries which experiences winter and countries which all throughout the year is covered with ice. In checking qualifications of the countries which needs snow scooters, European countries qualify for this. Going international is... The main advantage of going international when it comes to marketing is that, there is a possibility for the company to have a bigger profit and sales. Some company often start with this, their neighboring countries are also looking for the same product found only in one country. This gives rise to more demands by other countries, the company of course will provide the demand, and then this becomes the starting point of all the business that will provide demands for other countries. Sooner or later, those firms who provided the product realized that they are making much more profit than just selling their product to just one country only. Another advantage is that you will be able to compete with other producers, and compare your products to the others. This is true when it comes to selling snow scooters to a common market, you will be able to look at competitors and be able to compare other snow scooters from the company's product. A possible disadvantage on going international mayb e is that the company is interfering with local competitors of that country. Another possible disadvantage is that the company destroys culture of the country especially by interfering with the market of the local competitors, this case happens to when McDonald's was introduced to other countries. The regular diet of the people was distracted when McDonald's was introduced. When it comes to the selection of countries for the target market of Pirilla PLC, Luxembourg is a good choice to introduce the snow scooters, especially the deluxe model. Luxembourg as being one of the richest countries in terms of GDP can afford and surely will need the services of a snow scooter. Also climate in Luxembourg is not too cold,

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