Friday, October 4, 2019

Blogs for innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Blogs for innovation - Essay Example During their arrival, Orchha was gradually emerging as a tourist attraction. Due to poverty and lack of knowledge in the region, it prevented the growth of tourism (Sisodia, 2013). As a result, Asha came up with a Village Home Stay program intended for Orchha village. The aim of the program was to exploit tourism opportunities in the region in order to enhance local economic development, education, cultural exchanges between locals and visitors as well as environmental protection. It had also to offer the people of Orchha with superior work opportunities, which would positively influence the individual life of the residents. In 2007, Asha founded Friends of Orchha with the aid of a few friends from Europe to enhance tourism that is socially responsible and one that would offer an opportunity for cultural exchanges and a source of income for the needy families (Sisodia, 2013). Friends of Orchha provided help to the poor families to build and renovate their courtyards that would be hired to visitors. The families were engaged to participate voluntarily in the construction of three homestays. At that particular moment, the families were unable to carry on their main activity, which was farming that was brought to a halt by drought from 2003 to 2007 (Sisodia, 2013). Therefore, they had no capital to invest, and the organization had to set up a revolving fund, which helped to build the first three home stays. Participating families provided labor in building the sanitary block and rooms. In 2009, the first room was rented out and since then the home stay has hosted more than 500 visitors from different countries. The exploiting of the tourism opportunities improved the economic conditions of the residents as well as their live style (Sisodia, 2013). With this regard, I agree with the case as it attempts to point out issues in operating gainful employment amongst a large rural population in India. It addresses that the inability to dialogue in spoken

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