Friday, October 18, 2019

Working out Alternatives Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Working out Alternatives - Case Study Example As a safety precaution, the teams are provided with emergency radios when there is need to report cases such as loss or being hurt among the team members. Information such as the starting point of the race is usually given a day before the event (Kumar, Petersen and Robert70). The team members therefore, have to find means to get through and survive as fast as possible. Adventure racing has its roots in a race set in New Zealand, in the year 1980. The wilderness endurance racing was started when one person accidentally overheard a conversation between Americans to create a wilderness challenge. FAR was founded by Dave Ziestma in the year 1998. In a span of three years, FAR’s ‘raid the north’ series served as an introduction to adventure racing to several Canadians. It also became included in the list of the top race series in North America (Lewis 536). FAR’s races were termed as difficult (Holland and Jackie 248). Of the teams sent out, only about 25% would make it to the finishing line intact and in time. The founder of the race, Zietsma, would usually take part in the race. As a result, many got assured that the race would be safe. His involvement in the race as a top competitor also aided in making the name of the company, making it be at the forefront. Frontier Adventure Racing (FAR) is a popular firm in the North Racing series. The organization has been popular among lovers of adventure racing. Adventure racing may take the definition of a race of individuals using vehicles over some terrain. The event is multi-sport, non-stop and with a mixture of teams. It is therefore essential for team members to ensure that they cross the finish line first and in time. The event borrows from kayaking, mountain biking and running. Its popularity grew in New Zealand, Australia and in Europe. Therefore, in the last decades, the event has attracted media attention as well as many players. In retrospect, FAR one of the players of Adventure

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