Friday, October 18, 2019


Worksheet 5 - NORA ECCLES HARRISON MUSEUM OF ART - Assignment Example It is a multinational retail company that sales general merchandise and groceries. WALMART is one of the most valuable companies in the world, the leading retail company and the largest public company. WALMART Company being a business organization, there is need for human asset retention in the human resource sector. This is important for labour provision and daily operations of this company. The retention of human asset can be achieved through SWOT analysis of this company. In each and every year, the company spends millions on labour related lawsuits. This is due to criticism on the poor working conditions, low wages and female discrimination. This makes the company lack skilled and experienced personnel. Cases of employee turnover are very rampart and the company spends much on employee training. This is associated to low trained personnel who are poorly paid. WALMART lacks differentiation from its competitors and faces negative publicity from the many cases of bribery and poor working environment. Improvement of the working conditions, increase in the payment and wages and also good employee training will ensure a strategic plan for human asset

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